Crew’s new friend is just a little stuffy…


As we are expanding our gift lines at the store, we decided to bring in more kid friendly things. Nichole introduced us to Blabla— a beautiful line of designer, knit dolls. Crew met his new friend today and he LOVES to snuggle with him. He always grabs onto blankets and pillows and wraps his arms around them… shortly before he tries to shove the whole thing in his mouth of course. But Andiamo the dog (Andi) is the perfect size and softness to be an adorable snuggle friend for my little guy. I think they hit it off and will be lifelong buds.

If you need one of these for yourself or the important tiny humans in your life, come get them before they’re gone- they are already flying off the shelves. We have them at my paper/gift store Paperie + Pen at 7550 W. Fairview Ave.

A space for a boy named Crew

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Like [i’m just assuming] every other pregnant woman in the world, when I found out I was pregnant again, the 2 things on my mind were Baby Names and Nursery Design. I had a huge list of names of which I was only sure about the girl names– as I was sure I was having a girl! When we found out that the little monkey was another boy, we found ourselves somewhat relieved! As much as I wanted a baby girl (and still do!)– it’s been 6 years since we had a baby and something familiar was comforting to us. Plus, Carter is going to have so much fun with a little brother. The boy list began to grow and though we really liked a few names on there, when I came up with ‘Crew’ we both knew that was our boy’s name. Preppy, modern and perfectly complimentary while at the same time, contrasting to it’s predecessor; Carter. Cool, we got it. Now I can order a massive ‘C’ for the nursery, and all is right in the world.

The nursery design came from my imagining what a boy named Crew’s personality would be like. The obvious nautical theme came to mind- and as my future-boy does have a keen sense for adventure, his love for color, bold type, and graphic patterns found a room full of anchors to be restricting. A boy named Crew is brave, he is curious, stylish, always certain, and obviously brilliant. His space is inspired by him- and it is these things!

Okay, okay– Crew’s personality was yet to be known, but hey- let’s give a little credit to that thing we call a Mother’s intuition! If I had to describe what a boy named Carter would be like, I would have said he is thoughtful, he’s logical and calculative. He’s smart and artistic, he excels at sports like polo or croquet, and his chivalry will impress the girls and some day their fathers. And, I would be right… well, besides the polo thing, we haven’t tried it yet but we can go ahead and say that soccer and football are most likely out. Crew though? A boy named Crew could play football… rugby. He would play Rugby.

Whatever. I had fun putting this room together with my sweet boy in mind every step of the way.

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Be my little baby

A follow up on my last post, and a little video we put together about Crew’s birth story. I was so lucky to have Chris, my mom and my two besties in the room with me when Crew made his debut and Nichole had camera in tow to document the whole thing! Don’t worry, you won’t get a front row view of the miracle of life. I combined footage from throughout the day and we came out with this video that is sure to always put a smile on my face if I’m having a rough day. This video reminds me of what is really important when I find myself complaining about whatever HORRIBLE thing is happening to me! When trying to find a song for this video, I was about to use the most beautiful, emotional song “Dream” by Priscilla Ahn— it happened to be the song playing on my Pandora station when Crew was born and it seemed mostly appropriate. The lyrics talk about the dreams of a little girl and a fulfilled life of family and love. The song is my new favorite and will always take me back to this amazing day. However, the end of the song is from the view of an old woman who is about to pass, and looking back on her life– and feeling happy… feeling content with the reality. I love the message of the song, but my story is about a beginning- not an end. We’ll save the song for my funeral, please. Instead, I needed a song that exudes the energy and positive vibe of the day that was March 21st, 2014. An easy song, a love song, and a song to my baby. When I heard Hey Ocean’s version of “Be my little baby” I couldn’t help but smile. Perfect.

This is for you, Crew Fredrick. For every kiss you give me, I’ll give you three.

Crew and Spring are both here.

My little groundhog has made his appearance just at the right time to be greeted by the array of daffodils and tulips popping up in our front garden and things couldn’t have gone more beautifully.

It’s 3am and after a perfectly executed midnight feeding, you’d never think that Crew and I were both new at this. It’s been almost 6 years since I had a newborn baby around and carter wasn’t much fond of breast feeding, so I couldn’t be happier about how this is going so far.

The nurse just took him off to the nursery and while I should be taking advantage of this allowable sleep time, I fight the urge to journal and reflect… Enter blogpost.

A quick recap of the past 24 hours.
7am- get to hospital
8:15am- pitosin begins and contractions escalate quickly.
10am- dilated to 4 cm, only 1 more than a week ago at dr. Appointment.
11am- epidural :) happy camper
12:30pm- 10 cm, “get dr west!”
12:48pm- Crew Fredrick Wilson is born

The most beautiful little 6 lbs 15oz thing I’ve ever seen.

My labor couldn’t have been any smoother, easier, or more enjoyable. There was even one time where I had to take a second to start over mid-push because my [God send] doctor said something that made me laugh too hard to get an effective push out!

I truly had an amazing team of nurses and of course Dr West. But thank you so much to the wonderfully attentive ST. Luke’s staffers. Natalie- you kick ass and always made me feel so comforted and safe. Brooke- you crack me up and thanks for bribing the anesthesiologist with cookies for me! Speaking of anesthesia- thanks “Joshy” for being so quick, painless and adorable! We joked about how we thought they were bringing in actors from Grey’s anatomy, but thanks for being the real deal! And Dr. Timothy West I can never thank enough. You scheduled this induction to make sure you didn’t miss it next week. I knew when I chose you as my OB that my baby and I were getting the best, and I am glad I didn’t have to settle for anything but when the time came. Thanks for always checking on us all day long and making us feel like you genuinely cared and not like we were just another name on the board. You were so involved start to finish and I always knew I was in good hands. This experience was so much better than my first, and I credit that all to the team of absolute angels that were here to help. My gratitude goes out to “the A team” here at St. Luke’s!
Even once I moved up to the 8th floor, my nurses have been so so great! I hope I wasn’t too demanding!

Now don’t get me wrong, but as much as I have loved every minute of my time here- we are so ready to go home! My poor darling husband is sleeping on this sort-of-recliner and my Carter bug wasn’t happy to have to leave his new brother to spend the night at his yiayia’s house. I can’t wait to get home and start our new lives together as a family,

Carter is responding so well, and his big brother instincts are kicking in high gear. He wants to hold Crew every second, tickle his skin and pet his hair. He’s so in love and wants to be involved in every little milestone like his first bath. He teared up when it was time to leave, and I just feel so lucky to have 2 beautiful, healthy boys. I’m so proud of Carter, he’s so big already but today he grew up even more. Now he has responsibilities. Now he’s a role model and his dream has come true– he’s a real life super hero to this little boy that he will have a hand in making.

Oh I want to thank a thousand people, for the gifts, the thoughts and prayers, for visiting and for signing up to bring us meals. The outpouring of love is overwhelming and keeps bringing this box of hormones to tears of happiness. Thanks to my parents and my best friends Lindsey and Nichole. You guys know what for. I couldn’t do any of this without you, and I’m glad you were able to witness and be a part of the day.

Nichole- I feel like I made it look easy. For that I’m sorry! Haha, but I can’t wait for it to be your turn and you know I’ll be there every step of the way.

And who to thank the most… My beautiful, strong, caring best friend and husband. Chris, you will never know how much I love you. We were kids and when you asked me to be your girlfriend on May 30th, 2001 I knew that I was going to marry you. It’s been 13 years. That means that in just one more year, you have officially been there for half my life. Thank you for showing me how much someone can possibly love. You make me laugh every day, and seeing you hold our baby makes me fall in love with you all over again. You and me made these two perfect things and I’m really the luckiest. What did I do to deserve this life? The tears roll down my face as I type this and you’re laying in that horrible red pleather chair to my right. You never leave my side. You always put me and our family first , you always provide. You are incredible. These boys have the most amazing men in their lives and especially their daddy. There’s no way they won’t grow to make this world a better place. They will always know how to love and they will see how to respect and treat women because of you. Your selflessness is a quality that I admire so much and I can’t thank you enough. You’ll never know how happy you make me.

Well dang I’m a sobbing mess right now, but it feels so good. This happy momma needs to get some sleep.

I’m so in love.